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Stainless Cubic Cross
$75.00 $54.43
Diamond Pave Cross
$155.40 $91.41
Diamond Solitaire Cross
$396.65 $198.32
Gold Flower Design Cross
$131.16 $87.57
Elegant Christian Cross
$131.16 $87.57

St Christopher Medal

St Christopher fine jewelry medal pendant necklaces cast in precious metal. A large man from Palestine helped travelers, similar to a human ferry, across a raging river. One day, a small child asked for his services. Perched on Christopher’s shoulders, the child grew heavier and heavier as they crossed the stream. Upon reaching the shore, Christopher asked, “Who are you, that you placed me in such peril? It seems I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders.” The child replied, “You not only carried the world, but him who made it. I am Jesus Christ the King.” The St. Christopher medal is one of the most popular saint medals worn.
Patron Saint of: travelers, athletes, motorists, porters, and sailors.

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